We provide a One-Stop-Shop service package, covering cross-country coordination and establishment of Quality Systems and Licenses in 14 EU Member States.


regulanet® Switzerland offers a One-Stop-Shop service package where we will assume cross-country responsibilities which include the coordination and establishment of Quality Systems and Licenses in 14 different EU Member States. Our effective cooperation with experienced in-country partners enables regulanet® Switzerland to head your expansion in a cost-effective and timely manner.

While product marketing approval in EU is a harmonized process, establishment of offices in EU-member states is subject to local regulations. Depending on the target group for your product, intensity of marketing and sales activities, barriers for price and reimbursement and ambitions to optimize the taxes, regulanet® Switzerland provides its clients with a robust understanding of local regulations in order to reach an optimal launch sequence.

regulanet® Switzerland provides your company with the following services:

In-depth understanding of client’s situation, product & goals

In order to provide our clients with robust information, regulanet® Switzerland commits to understand the client’s situation first:

  • EU countries planned in the expansion
  • Type of marketing authorization application
  • Planned marketing activites

Briefings and contracting with local in-country teams

regulanet® Switzerland contacts relevant partners, asks for the available capacity, provides a written briefing document followed by a telephone conference, requests offers, evaluation and consolidation of offers, communicates the offers to the client whilst being open for discussion and questions, finalizes the budget approval with the client and contracts with the local partners on expected deliverables within the offered time frame.

Supervision and monitoring of work in progress

On a weekly basis, regulanet® Switzerland follows on the work in progress, identifies issues for clarification, confirms the milestones achieved, reports on the progress by country and confirms the offered costs and time frames if applicable.

Final control of deliverables and one invoicing

regulanet® Switzerland controls the deliverables by controlling the licenses, registrations, authorizations and the overall practicability of the client’s set-up, and if approved, regulanet® Switzerland issues one invoice, or, forwards multiple invoices in case this was agreed with the client.

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