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In Belgium distribution of medicines might only be undertaken by authorized companies. The authorization, called Wholesale Dealers Authorization (WDA), is granted by Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) under supervision of Ministry of Health. FAMHP controls company compliance with applicable law and regulations and the qualification of the responsible pharmacists.

Our team of experts at Archemin can support you with:

  • Preparation of application for a Wholesale Dealer Authorization
  • Advice and writing of Standard Operating Procedures and required Technical Quality Agreements
  • Support during inspection of FAMHP


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“In the light of the ever-increasing complexity of the regulatory environment, companies must rely on efficient and transparent quality systems. Every company functions in a different way and therefore, there is no off-the-shelf-fits-all solution. A quality system should be as simple as possible to ensure optimal acceptance and compliance.”
Ludwig Everaert, CEO of Archemin